Thursday, September 3, 2009

Shoulder-less WoDs

******************I love me some split jerks! They are probably my most favorite Oly lift! But I haven't been able to do any for a couple weeks. I'm still battling this darn bum shoulder. I've managed some deadlifts here or there...maybe some front squats. But everything else seems to involve my shoulder. Even pull-ups and push ups are jacking me up right now. *Sigh!* What's a Kool-aid chugging Crossfit chick to do? Going to the chiropractor and trying really hard to be good. And I bought the Hopper Deck today and just went through it and pulled out all WODS that either involve no shoulder, or are very easily subbable.

1) 4 rounds for time: 400 m Run, 50 squats

2) "Michael"...3 rounds for time: 800 m run, 50 back extensions, 50 sit ups

3) 5 rounds for time: 30 GHD sit -ups, 25 back extensions

4) For time: 400 m Walking Lunge

5) For time: 5K run

6) For time: 2K row

7) "Annie" 50-40-30-20-10 reps for time: double unders and situps

8) "Kelly" 5 rounds for time of: 400 m run, 30 wall balls (I'm gonna sub heavy kb squats), 30 box jumps

9) 5 rounds for time: 500 m row, 400 m row

10) Tabata Bottom to Bottom: 8 rounds of 20 sec effort, 10 sec rest of squats only. Rest is in the BOTTOM of the squat position. Note: Don't let the hamstrings go during "rest".

11) 4 round: 400 mtr run. Time each individually. Rest 3 min between rounds.

12) For time: 50 Wall Ball (sub heavy KB Squats), 40 Double Unders, 30 KB swings, 20 Steps Lunging Waiter's Walk (or just walking lunges if shoulder hurts overhead), 10 box jumps.

13) "Nancy" 5 rounds for time: 400 m run, 15 OH squats (once again...I'll be subbing those heavy KB squats. I'm so gonna rock those Lucy shorts when they get here!)

14) "Jason" For time: 100 squats, 5 m/u, 75 squats, 10 m/u, 50 squats, 15 m/u, 25 squats, 20 m/u. (this one has potential because of all those damn squats...will need to sub something for the m/u...can't even do the normal p/u and ring dip sub. Maybe 10, 20, 30, 40 ghd's? Will have to think on that some more.)

15) "Helen" 3 rounds for time: 400 m run, 21 kb swings (1.5 pood), 12 pull ups. Will save this one towards the end, and do the p/u with a bigger band than normal, or do it sooner with a sub for the pull ups...

16)10 -20- 30 reps for time of: Slam Ball, Walking Lunge Steps, OH Squat (Heavy KB Squats for me!)

17) 2 min double unders/ 2 min sit ups...90 sec d/u/ 90 sec sit ups...1 min....30 sec...

18) For time: 150 KB swings (obviously the swings depends on how your shoulder is tweaked. They're no problem for me, thank goodness).

OK...see...almost 4 weeks of WoDs that don't involve my shoulder! That's what I'm talking about! Doesn't seem so dire now!

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