Monday, August 1, 2011

Dinner in Ten!

Yeah. It's been four months exactly since I last posted something. That really sucks! But I've been really busy. Life! I'm still really busy, but trying to be better. This is me being succinct. Let's see how it works:

Here's how to make this super delicious paleo meal in minutes flat, just like I just did!

Whenever you see an asterick, mentally insert the words 'or whatever the hell you want'.

Fish and Veggies (or * and *)

1) Heat pan. Add coconut oil. Season ahi tuna * with garlic, red clay sea salt, and fresh cracked black pepper*. Put in pan and leave the hell alone for about two minutes.

2) cut up a yellow squash* and have ready to dump in the pan when you flip the *.

3) in food processor, dump 3 tomatoes, a red onion, a whole bunch of cilantro (seriously, the WHOLE bunch, stems and all), 3 deliciously fresh jalapenos (thank you to Debbie Bannock for the fresh jalapenos from her garden! fresh produce for your trainer means no burpees for you today!), some salt and pepper and the juice of one lime. Blend the heck out of it.

4) Flip fish *, add squash, stir squash briefly, then leave the hell alone for another minute. at least if you want pretty brown bits instead of mushy yucky looking bits.

5) when it's nearly done, dump copious amounts of spinach over the squash and mix and let wilt a bit. oh..and add * spice wise to your squash and spinach too.

6) Plate. Mix some salsa with the veggies and dump about a cupload on the side to eat with your fish or *. enjoy.