Saturday, April 2, 2011

SoCal Mojito!

So, all of us fun-loving Paleo peeps are familiar with Robb Wolf's NorCal Margaritas! Yeah, yeah, yeah...we know alcohol isn't paleo. However, we are human. And though we do indulge every now and then, we do attempt to keep it as clean as possible. And though the NorCal margaritas are damn tasty, tequila just is not usually my go-to hard alcohol of choice.

So, a couple weeks ago I had my first mojito and LOVED it! And last night, my friend, Lupita, gifted me with a wonderful mojito making kit at my housewarming party. Never one to let something sit and collect dust, I decided to test my mojito making skills right after I finished cooking tonight.

I started with fresh mint, since at one point I planted some in my garden and now have enough to keep a few continents in mojitos for the entire summer months.

Then, I simply followed the basic mojito recipe, leaving out and/or substituting any non-paleo ingredients. I left the sugar out completely, because I like tart better than sweet any day. And then I used club soda instead of lemon lime soda. The taste was still very refreshing and it will definitely be made again. Maybe in ten minutes.

SoCal Mojitos

Put in bottom of glass: 2 Tablespoons crushed ice, 10 mint leaves, juice of half a lime. Muddle. Muddle, muddle, muddle. The little muddler looks just like the one used for real Mexican hot chocolate. It is TRES cute!

THEN add 2 oz white rum and 1/2 oz of orange liquer and mix. Then strain into another glass filled with ice. Top off with club soda.

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